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The Randomizer Tech Support

We've prided ourselves on making The Randomizer easy to use, and most of the time, it just works. If you do have a question about the software or are having issues, the most common support questions are below. If your issue is not addressed below, please send us an email or give us a call at 419.345.7220.

Helpful Resources

To see a "How To Use" tutorial for The Randomizer check out our tutorial page. For an instructional video, "How To Use The Randomizer," check out our video on YouTube.

common issues

    Most Common Support Inquiry: "I've created my spreadsheet with names in Excel, but when I open The Randomizer and try to load it, the spreadsheet is not seen, what's up?"

    Ninety-nine percent of the time this is caused by the spreadsheet not being saved in the correct format. If this happens to you, simply open your spreadsheet in Excel, go to File/Save As, and save your spreadsheet as an ".xls" file. To do this, in your Excel Save As window, save as file type "97-2003 compatible workbook" and you'll be good to go (see the graphic below).

    If you do not have Microsoft Excel on your PC, you can use Google Drive/Google Sheets to create a spreadsheet to use with The Randomizer, Google Drive sheets are free and easy to use. Once again, we encourage you to watch the quick "How To Use" tutorial for The Randomizer at YouTube. To set up Google Sheets, login to your Google Drive accout or go to Google Drive if you do not yet have an account. Once there, click on the "plus" sign in the bottom right hand corner of the page to create a new spreadsheet. Create a title for the new sheet and enter your employee information, your sheet should look something like the graphic below.

    Next, go to "File/Download As" and choose "Comma Separated Values, .csv"

    After downloading the file and saving it on your PC, open The Randomizer, click on "Open/Import," and on the bottm right hand side of the open file window, select "Common Separated Value, .csv" as the file type to open.

    Your Google-created spreadsheet should now show up in the open file window, double click on the file to load it into Tha Randomizer.

    If you still have trouble, email us your spreadsheet and we will fix it for you.

    When I load or run my randoms in The Randomizer, I get blank spaces in between names in my results window, what's wrong?

    The first step in diagnosing this problem is to load your spreadsheet, then look at the "List Count" box on The Randomizer interface. If the list count shown in the software is different than the number of people in your Excel sheet, you have blank spaces in your spreadsheet (even though often in Excel these don't show up). The fix for this is easy. Simply open your spreadsheet in Excel, select all of the data in the sheet with your cursor, right click and select "Copy," then open a new blank workbook, place your cursor in cell A1, right click and select "Paste" to bring your data into the new sheet. Save your sheet as an .xls file as outlined in the question above and you'll be all set. If you can't fix the sheet email it to us and we will fix it for you.

    My computer has crashed/I am getting a new computer and need to re-download The Randomizer, what do I do?

    We will be happy to provide you with a new download link at no charge, just shoot us an email or give us a call and we'll set you up with a new link.

    How do I use the random date control?

    The random date control is entirely optional. If you want to assign random test dates to the names that you drew in The Randomizer, after you randomizer your list, select the date interval or span over which you want to assign random dates, then click on "Add Dates."