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We Offer Fast, Fair, and Compliant Random Selection Services.
DOT Random Selection Services Sign up, then email us your
personnel list.
Fast Fair Random Selections at randomtesting.comWe randomly select the number of people you want at the interval you want.
Third party random selections at randomtesting.com We email random names back to you as specified.
Random Selection Services

We offer third party random selection services that are fast, fair, and reliable. Simply submit your personnel list to us, specify how many names you would like selected and how often, we'll perform the random pulls for you and send them back via email.  Easy, inexpensive, and dependable, our random services take intra-company bias out of the equation and meet all requirements for programs which specify neutral, third-party random selections.

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Fast, Fair, Random Selection Services.
frequently asked questions about our services
    What is the cost of your services?

    The cost of our random services is based on the number of people in the pool, costs below are based on a per-pull basis, so if you have us pull once monthly, your annual cost would be 12X the prices listed below. That is, if you have 100 or fewer employees, your annual cost would be $30 x 12 if we pull randoms once per month, regardless of the number of people pulled.

    Pool Size Cost per Pull
    100 or fewer $30
    101 - 250 $50
    250 - 500 $75
    501+ $90
    How do we sign-up for the service?

    Call us at 419.345.7220 or email us and we will get you set up.

    How do we pay for the service?

    Payment methods are flexible, we can invoice you for services or you can pay by credit card. We can invoice you annually or on a per-pull basis.

    Do you use The Randomizer software for your pulls?


    We don't want to send you confidential employee information, what should we do?

    We have clients that send names and employee numbers, employee numbers only, etc. All we ask is that you don't send social security numbers.

    What format do you prefer we send our employee list?

    We prefer a spreadsheet, but will work with almost any file.

    Is there a minimum size for groups?


    What if I need pulls twice a month?

    We can pull multiple times a month, you will be billed as per the pricing table on a per pull basis.

    Online Pay (if you've already sent your info)

    100 or fewer ($30)

    101 - 250 ($50)

    251 - 500 ($75)

    501+ ($90)